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 Train with the Pro’s…………..

WORKOUTS OF THE DAY (WOD) FOR ONLY $5  These workouts are on your own & at your own pace.  A workout is provided and a trainer will show you the exercises in your daily workout.  You then complete the WOD.  Lots of fun! Bring a friend & give it a try! :)

Train for 45 minutes with one of our Natural Professional Trainers.  Learn the proper form of lifting, numerous ab exercises, get set up on a nutritional eating plan, and  on a weekly workout schedule.

 A Single Session $40.00                                                                       
 5 Session package $35.00 Each                                                       
10 Session package $30.00 Each                                                  

20 Session package $25.00 Each

OR Train with a friend for only $25 each

ALSO, Personal Home Training Sessions are available upon request  (prices vary based on location)

Train with Pnba Pro Figure Athlete Angela Yeo:
 A Single Session $40.00
 10 Session package $35.00 Each
 20 Session package $30.00 Each